Music Education Helps Kids Learn To Read — Study

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Silicon Valley Rocks! to take over DNA Lounge for music education

Jessica Alba

Language does have a musical aspect to it, referred to as prosody. And indeed, childrens ability to appreciate the rhythmic aspect of speech is correlated with the ease with which they learn to read, even when controlling for phonemic awareness. In German (and in English), certain letter combinations signal certain stress patterns, so there is a signal in the written language that children can learn. The idea is that children are less likely to learn the association of certain written letter patterns and their corresponding rhythms in speech if they dont perceive the rhythms of speech very well. Thats the argument. More fine-grained analyses of the data partially support it.
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Rahman bats for proper music education for kids

Yet when it comes to budget cuts, the one program that is most likely to benefit learning in the long term is also the first to go. Music in Schools Today (MUST) was established in 1983 to address the crisis of cutbacks throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. View all 5 photos View all 5 photos On Thursday, December 12, over 400 industry professionals will gather at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge for Silicon Valley Rocks! – an annual event that benefits the future of music education. Bands comprised of moonlighting venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and software developers will be performing original tracks and covers to help raise money for Music in Schools Today (MUST) .
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AR Rahman: Education of music is very important

AR Rahman: Education of music is very important

You need to take care of them. The same applies to a music school,” he added. Among the various projects Rahman is currently working on are ‘Million Dollar Arm’ and ‘Monkeys of Mumbai’, which is DreamWorks Animation’s first-ever Bollywood-style animated musical adventure. The Grammy-award-winning musician said he is always on the lookout for projects that are not repetitive and drive him to deliver his best. “At this stage of my life, the projects have to compel, drive me. That is the kind of projects I am selecting.” It is important that I do not feel that I have done this before,” he added.
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If a kid wants to learn music, he deserves proper education in it, Rahman told PTI here. The Academy Award winning composer, singer and producerwas in the city to visit a flagship store in Manhattan for the leading global audio and infotainment group Harman International Industries. A large number of Indians living in the area had lined up at the store to meet Rahman and take photographs with the music legend. Rahman was also gifted customized gold-plated JBL headphones by Harman International CEO Dinesh Paliwal during his visit to the store. Harman had named Rahman its India Brand Ambassador for JBL by Harmans multi-year campaign. Rahman, who founded KM Music Conservatory, a higher education institution focussed on music in 2008, said his efforts in setting up the music school has inspired people in India to understand that education of music is very important. If a kid in a family of doctors wants to study music, it is his right to demand that and come to a school like the K M Conservatory, he said. Rahman added that he had been offered to open similar music schools beyond Indias borders in countries like Dubai and Malaysia but said he still needs to perfect the concept in India.
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