Bujazzo Return From Africa, Much Music In Tow

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The German Jazz Orchestra on its West African tour 
Copyright: DW/Babou Diallo

“And yet, they were often invited for meals and were warmly welcomed. Those experiences will leave an impression on our musicians for life.” Music instead of politics Dominik Seidler with tour guide Moustapha Balde The German jazz orchestra did not travel to Africa for the sake of headlining shows, but rather in order to interact with fellow musicians. “We had no interest in being on display, like: ‘We’re here, we’ll play for you, and you listen,'” stressed Seidler, adding, “On the contrary.” BuJazzO transcribed a music piece by Jose Carlos Schwarz in the tour bus on the way to Bissau. “No one has heard of him in Germany, but in Guinea-Bissau, he’s a bit of a national hero,” said Seidler. “When we played his piece, people chanted ‘BuJazzO, BuJazzO!'” This performance, say all of the musicians, was definitely more important than the one at the St.-Louis International Jazz Festival.
For more information, visit http://www.dw.de/bujazzo-return-from-africa-much-music-in-tow/a-16859861

Nigerian start-up taking on mobile music

MyMusic is aiming to corner the mobile music market in the West African nation of Nigeria (image: MyMusic)

When users click the pay by mobile button, the download is automatically initiated on their mobile phones and the fee is deducted from their mobile credit, explains Taiwo, who also serves as MyMusics Chief Operating Officer. While many music streaming and download services are web-based, Taiwo added that shifting to a mobile model was really important, as Nigeria is home toone of the largest mobile communities in Africa. Mobile holds the biggest potential for us. The majority of these users have their mobile phones as their only connection to the internet and any form of technology, he added to the CNN interview. MyMusic has an impressive collection of songs, but the co-founder was quick to add that a lot more work lies ahead for the start-up. What happens with most of these international sites is that they have a structured system where they can just go meet a record label and automatically get about maybe 100,000 songs, or as much as possible but in Nigeria, the structure is still growing. The goal now is to have a wide variety.
For more information, visit http://www.itnewsafrica.com/2013/11/nigerian-start-up-taking-on-mobile-music/


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