Music Education Helps Kids Learn To Read — Study

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The other was an active control receiving training in art. The results were fairly robust, as shown in the graph of single word reading accuracy at the beginning and end of the year. Whats behind the benefit? Language does have a musical aspect to it, referred to as prosody. And indeed, childrens ability to appreciate the rhythmic aspect of speech is correlated with the ease with which they learn to read, even when controlling for phonemic awareness. In German (and in English), certain letter combinations signal certain stress patterns, so there is a signal in the written language that children can learn.
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Good music education only ‘for minority of pupils’

Schoolboys playing brass

“The attack on the pay and conditions of those working in these hubs and the increasing fragmentation of the education service means our music provision is under real threat.” “Many schools do a fantastic job with music as the Schools Proms held every year at the Royal Albert Hall, and proudly sponsored by the NUT, show. “All schools need to be given the support and finances to teach music”, said Ms Blower. ‘Benefit for all’ A DfE spokesman said the government was clear every child should experience high-quality music education, but the National Music Plan was in its early days. “Ofsted’s findings are based on just a quarter of the 123 hubs, which were assessed only a few months after opening. “But Ofsted is clear that when hubs are properly run, they are already making a real difference.
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