Alan Jackson Will Perform In Tulsa On Feb. 28

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28 By JERRY WOFFORD World Scene Writer | 0comments After releasing his first bluegrass album, country music star Alan Jackson is headed to Tulsa. Jackson is set to play The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa on Feb. 28. Tickets start at $75 and go on sale Dec. 11. Tickets can be purchased at , at The Joint box office, 777 W.
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KAFM TUNED IN: The many subgenres of bluegrass music

Hall Production Studio, which is the heart of the Country, Bluegrass and Recording Center here, are filming and recording the band, lighting the stage, running sound. Another professor, Joe Carr, pacing like a football coach on the sideline, talks to the technicians, exhorts the musicians. ”What’s good here is that the students know that we’re all still learning, too,” says Mr. Carr, a professional bluegrass musician who has taught here since 1984. ”I’m just a little farther down the road than they are.” That attitude has helped the bluegrass and country music program at this two-year college in West Texas grow from one professor working out of a converted broom closet in 1975 to a degree program today that has 25 faculty members, more than 700 students and its own building. It’s the finishing school of choice for many bluegrass and country musicians, and the only place where they can get a college degree in their music. ”We jokingly say we’re the Crude Arts,” says John Hartin, who started and chairs the program.
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The Juilliard Of Bluegrass Music

Closely related is Folk Music, which is divided into two sections: traditional and folk-revival. Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger are well known. Folk-revival is what most of us think of. In the late 50s and early 60s, new performers were recording old folk songs or writing songs that sounded old. You may be familiar with Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Baez, and Doc Watson. Classical music combined with bluegrass is associated with The Kruger Brothers and Chris Thile of Punch Brothers.
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