Beats Electronics Backing Muscle Shoals Upgrades, Education Programs

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North Alabama remains a fertile musical proving ground, with a thriving scene that includes Jason Isbell, Alabama Shakes and John Paul White, one-half of The Civil Wars. The Black Keys recently recorded their Grammy-winning album “Brothers” there in 2009. It was the first album recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in 30 years. The building had fallen into disrepair, however, something Iovine and Wood discovered while doing more research on Muscle Shoals after watching Greg “Freddy” Camalier’s documentary. Beats, in association with the Muscle Shoals Soul Foundation, will refurbish the building and install modern and vintage recording gear so future students can learn old and new techniques in the art of sound recording.
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Music Training Sharpens Brain Pathways, Studies Say

After the Soviet Unions 1957 launch of the Sputnik satellite, fears took hold that the United States needed to focus on science, math and testing to get ahead in the space race. Mr. Reimer deconstructed music education, examining why music is important, its impact and how its learned and taught. He established a doctoral research center at Northwestern that investigated creative thinking, music composition, performance and improvisation, Barrett said. As an author and a deep thinker, he moved our field forward toward the idea that music should be a part of every childs development, said Michael Butera, executive director of the National Association for Music Education. In the development of the first set of National Standards for Music Education in 1994, he was a strong voice for consistency and rigor in the setting of expectations for our schools, our students and ourselves. Through his life work, he helped music teachers everywhere orchestrate success. He will be remembered for his enormous contribution to the development of the philosophy of music education, his vision for the centrality of music to education and his generous mentorship of colleagues, said Margaret Barrett, president of the International Society for Music Education and head of the music school at the University of Queensland in Australia.
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Bennett Reimer, NU professor who boosted music education, dies at 81

Northwestern University Music Professor Bennett Reimer

Shorts, the lead strings teacher and conductor of the Heart of Los Angeles site of the orchestra, said she has seen one band of sometimes rambunctious 1st graders develop into attentive 4th graders in the three years she has taught them. “In order to cultivate the skills to sit and focus, they’re like athletes: We exercise our brains and our bodies, and then we have to take a break, relax, and come back to it. And over time, that skill builds up,” she said. Moreover, the nonacademic setting can give students who have behavioral problems in school “a different way to focus on the skills of discipline and commitment,” Ms. Shorts said. “They get to communicate emotion without words.
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Philosopher of music education has died

bennett reimer

Thats the first time I saw her… Posted Nov 27, 2013 Derek, The best thing about all this is that Ms Evancho IS in peace. She is either oblivious to all this… Posted Nov 27, 2013 Poor choice of words here in the headline, in my opinion, even more so since you’re using quotes for something… Posted Nov 27, 2013 Absolutely fascinating.
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